Whales & Wildlife Tour – 2.5 hours


The Tour

Whales & Wildlife from Easdale 16 miles south of Oban has many advantages. This tour, whilst focusing on looking for whales, also combines looking for major wildlife species currently in our area.

The boat will head south to an island chain known as The Garvellachs, home of the early monastic settlement of St Brendan (542 AD). Whales congregate to feed just to the south of The Garvellachs where deep, food rich, Atlantic waters rise to the surface. Plenty of food means plenty of whales. The RIB then sweeps east towards the north end of Jura, another of the recognised whale feeding hot spots.  The boat will be stationed in the more exposed sea areas west of the Corryvreckan whirlpool area known as The Great Race.

PRICES - ADULTS £53 and CHILDREN £40 - Family discount prices are available, please contact us for more information. Please note, we require minimum passenger numbers to confirm our trips - we will inform you when your trip has reached the required passenger numbers.

We spend time whale watching, recording our sightings as requested by Research Organisations. Our fleet of boats are out on the water daily, skippers are aware of what wildlife is currently in our area. This trip is timed to offer the best chance of success to view whales but whales are wild animals and sightings cannot be guaranteed. We will make every effort to find these magnificent creatures but your skipper may alter the content of this tour as he sees appropriate.

Minke Whale.
Minke Whales visit our waters during summer months.

The whole area offers magnificent nature and wildlife. Porpoise, dolphins, basking sharks, the magnificent white tailed sea eagle and golden eagle.

Rest assured our guides are there to offer full information throughout these specialist wildlife tours.

The Boat

Our Whales and Wildlife tour generally takes place aboard our 11m cabin RIBs. There is a seat for everyone. When the boat is at rest watching for whales passengers are welcome to watch from either the front or rear deck area. These RIBs are designed to cruise effortlessly at 25 knots. Should any boat in our fleet see whales or indeed any other spectacular wildlife our boats can transport you swiftly and safely throughout our area.

Whale Watching with our cabin RIB.
Our Whales & Wildlife Tours use our cabin RIB - Celtic Voyager.

All our boats are designed and built in our own dedicated workshops. Every boat has twin engines and meets all the current marine legislation.


We will honestly answer your questions including :

When did you last see whales?

What are the chances of seeing whales on my chosen date?

Please phone 01852 300003 or email for updates on our Whales and Wildlife tour.

Our Whales and Wildlife Tours usually start in mid-July until the end of August or when the whales leave the area.

Please email or phone 01852 300003 for the latest information.