Our seasonal crew have been with us for 2 months now and so much new information has had to be absorbed – here is a review of the first 2 months from crew Meerabai (Meek) –

Eight weeks on Easdale has flown by, yet it also seems like I’ve always been here. It’s funny how island life seeps into you, I’m already passing cakes and cooking supplies onto my neighbours, receiving all sorts of jars of goodness in return!

There were, seven or eight weeks ago, so many Seafari tasks which seemed daunting and near impossible, like refuelling the boats, driving the dinghy or tube walking (an impressive feat of walking along the tubes of the ribs inbetween speeches!).

Meek getting to grips with driving the dinghy

But now, refuelling the boats is just a well-oiled routine, and even driving the dinghy in the dark and pouring rain seems easy (although, I still have the wind to overcome!). I’ve even braved the infamous tube walk, rather than the less dignified tube-crawl, and have truly found my sea legs.

Meek finishing her first solo tour as guide

I’ve also braved the cold quarries for a dip during my time off, always followed by a gorgeous view of the sunset from atop the hill on Easdale, our favourite spot! On a clear day you can sometimes see porpoises as their small fins breach the water, with the surrounding islands as a back-drop.

Meek exploring the quarries on Easdale

All of our surrounding islands, too, seemed daunting at first, so many names and stories to remember; Lunga, Scarba, Grey Dogs, Corryvreckan… but now they seem to roll of the tongue…… and of course finishing off the working day with a pint at the Oyster to watch the sunset from the back deck will always go down well!

Team Seafari enjoying some down-time after work!