Corryvreckan Seascapes and Wildlife Tour

Seafari Adventures - Celtic Adventurer.
Seafari Adventures - Celtic Adventurer.

The Tour - Corryvreckan Seascapes and Wildlife Tour.

Tour length - various available from 2.5 hours to 4 hours.

Vessel type - Celtic Adventurer, a traditional hard boat.

**New tours for 2019 aboard Celtic Adventurer**

This tour gives you the opportunity to experience the stunning seascapes and
wildlife around the gulf of Corryvreckan.

Celtic Adventurer is a more traditional boat allowing you to enjoy both the wildlife and the seascapes at a more leisurely pace. Enjoy the views from the open spacious deck or for those in need of a bit more comfort, you are welcome to view from our heated cabin. All tours will pass through the Gulf of Corryvreckan, home of the World's Third Largest Whirlpool. The island scenery is stunning and the wildlife exceptional.

PRICES - For the 2.5 hour tour - ADULTS £48 and CHILDREN £38 - Family discount prices are available, please contact us for more information. Please note, we require minimum passenger numbers to confirm our trips - we will inform you when your trip has reached the required passenger numbers.

Your departure point, Easdale, is located within the European Special area of Conservation - Firth of Lorne. Journeying south, many islands are rich in history and fauna. The Garvellachs were home to St Brendan an Irish monk (542 AD) Belnahua, the most remote of the 4 Scottish Slate Islands. The Gulf of Corryvreckan is the passage of sea between the islands of Scarba and Jura. The remoteness of the islands and the rich feeding waters of the sea brings nature at its best. Porpoise and seals otters and dolphins, occasionally whales and sharks are all visitors. The islands are home to red and fallow deer. Regular bird sightings include white tailed sea eagles along with a plethora of other land and seabirds. When skippers become aware of whales in our area longer tours will include a period of time attempting to seek out these elusive creatures.

All our tours are fully guided. Our crew are wildlife enthusiasts. Most will have considerable guiding experience and have a degree in a related subject.

Tours vary in length from 2.5 hours to 4 hours. For details of our daily tour schedule please contact us Telephone +44 (0) 1852 300003, email or view our online booking page.

Please note - viewing the whirlpool area in the Gulf of Corryvreckan from the comfort of Celtic Adventurer will not give the same experience as on our open RIBs, which go right into the centre of the whirlpools.